• CEGSS (Central European Group for Separation Sciences)
    The CEGSS was founded in October 1998, at the 5th International Symposium on Separation Sciences held in Bled by Dušan Berek (Slovakia), Jože Marsel (Slovenia), Branko Nikolin (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Szabolcs Nyiredy (Hungary), and Nikola Šegudović (Croatia). Now ten countries constitute the CEGSS. Dr. Imre Klebovich is a permanent member of the CEGSS as the representative of the Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences.


  • EuSSS (European Society for Separation Science)
    The idea to establish the EuSSS was conceived by Günther Bonn, Udo Brinkman, Francesco Dondi, and Hartmut Frank in 2002. During the 24th International Symposium on Chromatography in Leipzig, in September 2002, the representatives of the major European national societies for separation science convened to take the first steps in establishing the EuSSS. Dr. Attila Felinger represents the Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences in the EuSSS.


  • CASSS (California Separation Science Society)
    CASSS – a California-based international separation science society – is the premier non-profit scientific society providing forums for the dissemination of information and discussions among industry, academic and regulatory professionals founded on the development and applications of separation science.


  • CSSC (Connecticut Separation Science Council)
    In 1982, Csaba Horváth and Leslie S. Ettre conceived of a regional professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of chromatography, the Connecticut Chromatography Council (CCC). In 1998, the Connecticut Separation Science Council (CSSC) was formed. The HSSS and CSSC jointly present the Csaba Horváth Memorial Award.