The Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences (HSSS) was founded on June 24, 1996. The aim of HSSS is to advance the development and disseminate knowledge in the various fields of separation sciences: analytical separations, large-scale preparative chromatography, electrophoresis, extraction, centrifuging, ion-exchange, membrane separations, as well as sample preparation.
Furthermore, the aim of HSSS is to broaden the scientific knowledge of its members, and provide a forum for scientific discussion in the interest of promoting separation science.

In 1996, thirteen founding members established HSSS. By now more than 600 members have joined the Society.

Dr. Szabolcs Nyiredy was the founding president of HSSS, whereas Dr. László Szepesy has been the honorary president since 1996. After the untimely death of Szabolcs Nyiredy, in 2006 the Board elected Dr. Imre Klebovich as the next president of HSSS. He is succeeded by Dr. Attila Felinger, who was elected in November 2008 as the president of HSSS for the term of 2009–2012. Dr. Attila Felinger was re-elected as the president of HSSS for the period of 2013-2016, for 2017-2020 and for 2021-2024 as well.